The hit TV Series, Outlander, has has been filmed at locations within West Lothian.

The critically acclaimed Outlander series is the TV adaptation of novels by American writer Diana Gabaldon. Its popularity in both North America and Western Europe has seen this fantastic show air 3 wonderful seasons, with the fourth coming soon.

The story centres around Claire Randall (played by Caitriona Balfe), who, while on her second honeymoon in Inverness, is mysteriously swept back in time to the 18th-century Scottish Highlands. There she meets Jamie (played by Sam Heughan), a chivalrious young warrior, with whom she becomes romantically entwined.

The series was filmed in locations throughout Scotland, including multiple in West Lothian, the rest of the Central Belt and right up to the Highlands.


West Lothian locations include:

Linlithgow Palace -

The iconic ruins of Linlithgow Palace, birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots can be seen in the Outlander series as the entrance and corridors of Wentworth Prison in scenes where Jamie was imprisoned.

Hopetoun House -

Scotland's finest stately home, Hopetoun House is a place of outstanding natural beauty and has been home to the Hope family since 1699. The House was used to portray the house of the Duke of Sandringham in the Outlander series.

Midhope Castle - 

Also on the Hopetoun Estate, you can find Midhope Castle, which plays part to Lallybroch, the name of Jamie's home on the Fraser lands.  Please note that Midhope is located on a private area of the Hopetoun estate so ensure you check in advance that access will be possible on the day you plan to visit.

Blackness Castle - 

Blackness Castle is located just beyond the West Lothian border in Falkirk and has been many things through its time, a home, a garrison fortress, state prison and a military base. The castle can notably be seen in the Outlander series as a stand in for Fort William. The eeriest looking castle is the power base of the evil commander 'Black Jack' Randall.

Come to West Lothian and walk in the footsteps of these wonderful characters in some truly iconic locations. 

linlithgow palacehopetoun



Why not enjoy a tour of these incredible locations, take a day or an overnight stay and see where part of the Outlander series took place.  Immerse yourself in the Outlander experience while you see the familiar sights of Outlander.  

Taking an Outlander tour is a great way to meet like minded people who are also madly in love with the show. 

There are also a number of companies who now offer Outlander themed tours.  Two of these guides are based in West Lothian and both have vast knowledge of Outlander.  This includes Mary's Meanders & Mini Kilt Tours as below.

Visit Scotland have produced an excellent map highlighting the various filming locations across the country. It is available to download here.  

 Outlander Map 1

 Facts about Outlander

- Many years ago Liam Neeson and Sean Connery were considered for lead roles in the making of an Outlander film.

- The time-travelling aspect of the story wasn't initially intentional. According to Gabaldon, this sort of just happened when she was writing the part of Claire.

- All costumes in the show are run over with cheese graters and burnt by blow torches to get that "old" look.

- Laura Donnelly originally auditioned for Claire's role. On the audition day, she re-connected with Sam Heughan, who was her old schoolmate. Heughan got the lead role as Jamie Fraser, and Donnelly was given the role of Jenny, Jamie's sister.

- "Outlander" was originally proposed as a film, not a TV series. Katherine Heigl was offered to star as Claire Randall.