Visitor Guide Competition


We're looking at producing our 2019/2020 Visitor Guide, and we'd love you to help!

We all know West Lothian is home to some stunning scenery and excellent photographers, so to help showcase this we're offering a competition to feature one of your photos on the front cover of our guide.

What will you get?

The photo we select will be printed onto at least 60,000 Visit West Lothian Visitor Guides, for distribution across Central  Scotland in print, as well as being available online, and will have a shelf life of one year - running until the end of February 2020. In addition, the lucky winner will receive a free photography morning at Five Sisters Zoo in April - an opportunity to boost their porfolio with some excellent tuition.

Your image will be clearly credited to you. With the winner’s permission, within the second page of the guide we will dedicate space for contact details in the form of Website / Social Media as well as a short description of the image and what it means to them. This will offer a year round promotion for the lucky winner and we expect this would be a great opportunity to develop more work for them in the future. Whilst this is an in-kind contribution, the cost of advertising within the guide would normally range from £180 to £1800 for a business.

How do I enter?

Please submit your image to us using the Hashtag #MyWestLothian to one of our social media accounts (Facebook,Twitter or Instagram). You can confirm we have recieved your entry by contacting us through social media, or on 

Is there anything else I need to know?

The image you submit must be of a high enough quality to be printed, so please make sure you have the High Resoloution file available. The image should have been taken recently, within the last 12 months to feature within.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the competition, there are a few Terms and Conditions which you must agree to in order to take part. These are designed to ensure that the competition is operated in a way which is fair to all participants, as well as to ensure that Visit West Lothian (the promoter) is able to use the winning image for the intended purpose of the competition. 

These Terms and Conditions are available here.