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Back in early November I set out to make a video that we could use on our home page to quickly highlight some of the main reasons to visit West Lothian in Scotland.  It gave me a chance to get out and about myself which was a real pleasure!  The video includes footage from The Centre in Livingston, Howden Park Centre, Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Hopetoun House, Linlithgow Palace & Blackness Castle. I was also lucky enough to be allowed to film a performance by Horse McDonald at the Howden Park Centre courtesy of

I must have shot over 3 hours of footage to produce this video as my mentality was to get as much footage as possible to give myself the best options when editing.  As a by product of this I could easy make a few more videos of a more in depth look as some of the attractions.  It’s kind of like having some left over pastry to make jam tarts with after you have finished your apple pie!  I also took a few hundred pictures that I still need to sort through so keep your eyes on our Facebook page, Flickr profile or blog

I’d like to thank Linzi and her kids for coming with us to Almond Valley Heritage Centre, having a good time and letting me film them.  It was a really nice day out and the footage really helped make this video a bit more special.  I’d also like to thank a local company called Dale Media for the work they did with the motion graphics which added a fabulous finishing touch.


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