Making the most of snow

Making the Most of the Snow


Like me you might have been snowed in the last couple of days, but hopefully unlike me you have the heating on and are keeping nice and warm!  Despite all the disruption it really is quite beautiful out there at the moment and well worth a trip or even a few trips outside to make the most of it.  Why don’t you build a snow man, throw a snow ball or two and take some great pictures! I’ve been taking some pictures around and about where I live and thought I’d share some of them on our blog.

You’re never far from a nice little walk in West Lothian and where I live in Blackburn is no exception.  I didn’t go too far as at times the snow was up to my knees and I’m a tall kind of chap! There is a nice little stream only a 10 minute walk away so I thought I would head there.  Here’s a few of my snaps – I hope you like them. 

Snow field

Snow Field 2

We would love to see some of your pictures of wintery West Lothian (I’m sure you can all do better than me!) and you can always post them straight to our Facebook page.


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