Places to Have a BBQ in West Lothian


A few days ago I thought I would try the new question status update in Facebook, to find out from our Facebook following where the most popular place in West Lothian is to have a BBQ.  I had a great response so I thought I would write a wee blog post about it.  I myself love a good BBQ and have been burning sausages and burgers since I was about 7 years old, under adult supervision of course.  Since moving to West Lothian, from Brighton, around 3 years ago I always been on the lookout for great places to meet up with a few friends and family and set some meat on fire!  West Lothian has some great BBQ spots at Beecraigs Country Park, Polkemmet Country Park and Almondell & Calderwood Country Park so I put them to the test with this Facebook question: “Where is your favourite place to have a BBQ?” – here are the results!

As you can see the run away winner was “my back garden” – an answer suggested by one of our followers. It was probably meant as a joke but quickly picked up the majority of the votes!  Joking aside your back garden is always a great choice for a BBQ, but for those of you visiting from outside West Lothian or looking to be a bit more adventurous, Beecraigs Country Park came out top!  


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