Linlithgow: Canal Wedding Trip


On the 13th of July, Myshele Goldberg and Douglas Heywood tied the knot in the magical grounds of Linlithgow Palace, after the beautiful ceremony the party moved on to their reception  to celebrate this joyous occasion, however their reception was not held in your average venue.

The happy couple and their party of 40 had organised with the Linlithgow Canal Centre to travel by canal from Linlithgow to their reception at the Falkirk Wheel on board the boats Victoria and Saint Magdalene.

Linlithgow Union Canal Society booking secretary, David Shirres said;

” The hardest part was the timing.They had to get to the wheel by 6:15pm and the Falkirk Wheel personell did a great job with the slick operation locks and the wheel outside normal hours”

Altough it was a long day for the crew everyone had a great time and the wonderful atmosphere on the boats made it a wedding trip that will be fondly remembered.

Linlithgow Canal Centre is open from 1:30pm until 5pm every day until 24th August.

The Canal Fun Day is on the 19th of August, which includes the cardboard boat race.

There are Falkirk Wheel Cruises on the 29th July and 26th August.

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