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Celebrating Public Art in West Lothian


Yesterday evening in the Wintergardens of The Centre, West Lothian Council in partnership with many others launched the brand new Public Arts Guide Book “Out in the Open”. This is the first comprehensive and fully illustrated book celebrating West Lothian’s extensive Public Art collection.

The launch began with a guided public art walk by Arts officer Camille Archer, this was done in Livingston and many of the pieces were easily accessed by walking through The Centre. Despite the damp weather the guided walk was very interesting and informative and helped to give a real insight in to pieces of art that you take for granted, walking past each day without really noticing them.

West Lothian is the home to some internationally recognised pieces of Public Art with over 80 pieces dotted around the region. The story of this Public Art in West Lothian has now been brought to life with this new book, showcasing a selection of 58 pieces of artwork across the county and providing readers with an insight in to the history and personality of each local area.

After the guided walk the launch then moved to the warmth of the Wintergardens where there were refreshments, live music and some great guest speakers. Writer of the public art book Wendy Ball was amongst these speakers, telling the audience of the journey that herself, graphic designer Chay Nicholson and photographer Luigi DiPasquale all went through when exploring the landscapes of West Lothian to research this fantastic guide.

The publication takes two forms; a downloadable e-version (available below) and a limited edition printed hard back book, available to purchase at various outlets including; Howden Park Centre, Linlithgow Burgh Halls, the National Galleries of Scotland shop and the Jupiter Artland bookshop.

To download your own version of the guide, click here:

Or visit one of the many sites where you will be able to purchase a hard back copy.


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