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New Weird Fish Store Opening in Livingston


Born in Regency Cheltenham in 1993, inspired by our love of the coast and the great outdoors, we created our now multi-million pound clothing company.

Offering easy to wear, relaxed fashion for men and women- with a sense of adventure, fun and individuality.

After starting off as a mainly wholesale business we opened our first retail store in Bath 2005. 10 more stores all over the country followed and we are pleased to announce a new branch in the Livingston Designer Outlet as our 12th dedicated Weird Fish shop.

We feel we will be a great addition to the unit, which was originally host to the Calendar Club.

We have also had great success with our other outlet stores in Castleford, Portsmouth and Street, and are positive this new branch will be no exception.

Visit our new store from tomorrow onwards, to find out more visit our website:

We look forward to seeing you in our shop soon!


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