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Visiting West Lothian


"As a travel writer I visit many exotic places and often get asked what it’s like where I’m from.

When I tell fellow Scots I’m from West Lothian some are a bit underwhelmed, but that’s when I spring into a vigorous defence of the region. After all, this neglected corner of Scotland is the home of world oil production and boasts a brace of the nation’s most beguiling historic sites.

A stone’s throw from Scotland’s capital, James ‘Paraffin’ Young made a name for himself extracting oil from the shale that now haunts the local landscape in the form of the unmistakable ochre ‘bings’. The industry was still going right until the 1960s.

It was also in West Lothian, within the grand walls of Linlithgow Palace as King James V was drawing his final breaths, that Mary Queen Of Scots burst into the world to set off one of the most colourful chapters in the nation’s history."


Robin McKelvie is a full-time travel writer, photographer, broadcaster and blogger who has worked in more than 100 countries. His articles have appeared in over 150 magazines and newspapers across five continents. Robin lives in South Queensferry with his family and is extremely excited about blogging his Historic Scotland experiences!

Click here to read his full article about how great West Lothian really is, featuring Linlithgow Palace and West Lothian's Secret Castle - Blackness Castle.


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