Going for Gold

Going for Gold in West Lothian!


The Rio 2016 Olympic Games start on Friday, 5th August. So why not get your trainers, swimming costume or dust off that football and join in with the excitement by trying out the sports West Lothian has to offer!

1. Swimming


Fancy improving those strokes? Why not try West Lothian's Xcite swimming pools. Found in 9 locations over West Lothian, you are never far away from one. So grab your swim wear, a pair of goggles and enjoy some aquatic fitness.

With locations across West Lothian, to find out more about each Xcite location, click here.

2. Cycling


West Lothian is well known for its excellent cycling routes. With dozens of routes, there is a distance and a skill level to suite everyone.

There are also a number of cycling clubs and organisations active in West Lothian, most notably, West Lothian Clarion and CTC Livingston and West Lothian.

To find out about all of West Lothian's cycling news, visit our cycling page.

3. Trampolining


Although it is not widely advertised, gymnastic trampolining is actually an Olympic sport!

Which is perfect timing as West Lothian have just opened a brand new, next generation trampoline park. JumpStation is based in Livingston and has over 80 interconnected trampolines which have been tailored for people of all ages and skill levels.

So come on down and enjoy some jumping, flipping, bouncing and even flying through the air. No matter how old you are, it's great fun for everyone!

4. Football


Why not try some football in West Lothian!

The Livingston Football Club hosts regular games for all the Lions supporters. It has so much to offer; there are fantastic weekly coaching sessions for kids as well as sessions for adults.

Or if you're not keen on signing up, why not grab a football and a few friends and have a kick about in one of our local parks!

5. Equestrian


Become the next Zara Phillips and try some equestrian in West Lothian!

Situated in rural West Lothian - The Scottish National Equestrian Centre is a state of the art venue for all equestrian sports and activities.

With some great facilities, including an international arena with viewing area, warm up arena, outdoor grass area and accomodation for both horse and rider, it is the perfect place for all you equestrian lovers!

6. Shooting


Have you been watching the Olypmics and fancy trying a bit of shooting? Well West Lothian has it covered, with two excellent shooting facilities - Hopetoun Clay Shooting & Morton Clay Targets.

Both facilities offer a range of different types of shooting experiences. From clay pigeon, to simulated game shooting, these facilites cater for all skill types, from beginner to more advanced. 

7. Golf


For all you golf lovers out there, West Lothian is definitely the place for you!

With a total of 14 different golf courses, you are never too far away from a quick round! Our golf courses let you bask in the nature and beauties of West Lothian, whilst enjoying a well loved Scottish sport!

To find your local golf course, or for more information on any of the 14 golf courses in West Lothian, click here.

8. Track & Field

Track And Field2

And finally, why not try a whole lot of track and field? Burn It & Bing Blazer are both designed to not only increase your fitness levels, but to also challenge you both physically and mentally.

With running, jumping and lifting these great events basically take in all aspects of track and field and throw them all at you at once! A fantastic way of keeping fit, whilst challenging yourself to the max, just like the athletes!


Written by Annie - Visit West Lothian at 09:00



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