It's pantomime season, oh yes it is!


It’s behind you! Oh yes it is, because it’s pantomime season again! West Lothian is host to two fantastic pantomimes this year, from Howden Park Centre and The Bathgate Regal Community Theatre!

Howden Park Centre - Red Riding Hood and the Wolves of Winter

Red Riding Hood

Howden Park presents its new family pantomime - Red Riding Hood and the Wolves of Winter - full of songs, jokes and frosty winter fun!

We all know the story of Red Riding Hood don't we? Or do we?  How did our young heroine Rosie get such a strange nick-name?  Why does she head off into the frozen forest in the depths of winter carrying only a basket of cakes?  Come and hear the whole story as we share Rosie's journey with her best friend Peter and his clever dog Patch. 

Sing along with Grandmother Babushka Blossom. Boo the wicked Ice Queen as she sends out the wolf pack from Snow Mountain.  Wonder at the mysterious Prince Nikoli

Performance dates and times can be found on the Red Riding Hood and the Wolves of Winter lisiting!


The Bathgate Regal Community Theatre - Cinderella


The Bathgate Regal Community Theatre also has a treat for you, with its festive performance this year – Cinderella.

Will Cinderella make it to the ball and meet her Prince Charming? Why don’t you take the whole family to this fantastic pantomime and find out!

Performance dates and times can be found on the Cinderella listing! 


Both pantomimes are looking to be spectaular! Don't miss your chance for some belly- laugh worthy, slapstick comedy - get your ticekts now!



Written by Annie - Visit West Lothian at 00:00

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