FAM Visit Five Sister Zoo 2016

FAM Trips in West Lothian


A huge thank you to our lovely accommodation providers who attended the Familiarisation Trips hosted by our fabulous attractions - Almond Valley Heritage Centre and Five Sisters Zoo.

This was great as it allowed for both attractions to say thank you for their cooperation as well as allowing the accommodation providers to experience the facilities within the attraction allowing for a more experienced knowledge which they can pass on to customers who visit.

These Familiarisation Trips are a fantastic way of allowing local tourism businesses in the area to gain more knowledge of the other attractions within West Lothian. With this knowledge, it can allow for a more sophisticated visitor experience where businesses can recommend places to visit from their own experiences.

Elizabeth from Ashcroft Holiday Cottages attended the Five Sisters Zoo visit:

'I missed the fam visit to Almond Valley but managed to attend today's visit to FiveSistersZoo. It was absolutely superb and we had a lovely lunch afterwards.

I have attached a photo of the group in front of the lions' enclosure but unfortunately you can't see the lions and have also put one on of the baby meerkats - just a few weeks old.

The people who didn't attend didn't know what they were missing - far better than Edinburgh Zoo and so well organised. They deserve to be successful.'

We look to provide more FAM Visits with other local West Lothian attractions later on in the year to continue in helping business become more aware of what West Lothian tourism have to offer.



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