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Could you be a new Board Director of Visit West Lothian?


Visit West Lothian, West Lothian’s destination promotion organisation, is seeking new Board Directors during an exciting new phase at the company.

Established in 2008, Visit West Lothian is committed to promoting the tourism offer in West Lothian and acting as collaborator within the sector

In order for you to be successfully appointed as one of our Board Directors you will need the passion, commitment, drive and presence to contribute to promoting West Lothian effectively and encouraging partnership working across the sector.

West Lothian’s tourism sector has seen impressive growth over the past eight years.   During this time the economic impact of its visitor industry has seen an increase of 18%, retail footfall has bucked national trends reporting impressive growth and visitor numbers to West Lothian’s top paid attractions have risen by an impressive 42%.  West Lothian has also experienced notable expansion in its smaller accommodation sector and has seen increased investment in the area’s retail and attraction assets. With a central location, strong transport links, close proximity to the 2 major cities and Edinburgh Airport, West Lothian has a huge opportunity to embed tourism as a major economic driver in the area.

We are looking for West Lothian based tourism related operators or practitioners who would like to contribute to raising the profile of West Lothian, helping to deliver Visit West Lothian’s Strategic Action Plan 2016-20. Excellent communication, networking and relationship-building skills are important strengths to bring to the role as well as diplomacy and a good understanding of your field of expertise. We are particularly interested in new Board Directors from the hotel, conference and digital marketing sector and those who have experience in membership growth, finance or commercialising organisations. 

As a proactive Board Director you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to West Lothian’s future.

For further details, please contact Anna Young, on Tel.  01506 283 093/ 07825 979218 (Tuesday – Thursday) or submit your CV, background information and a covering letter to by 12 midday on Tuesday the 7th of February.

To find out more information on the job, and what it entails, have a look at the Board Director Job Description.

Our current Board of Directors can be found on our About Us page. For more details on VWL's strategic action plan and West Lothian's tourism sector go onto our Members page.

Read below to find out what two of our Board Directors have experienced through their work for VWL.

Stephan Riegel

Stephan Riegel is director of "Hospitality Advisory Services (HAS)" which was launched in 1999 and is based in West Lothian.

 Stephan Riegel

What are the best things about being involved on the Board of VWL?

The Board of Directors consists of diverse individuals from various fields of expertise within the tourism and hospitality industry. This provides an opportunity to learn from each other and to network with like-minded professionals. Our Board Directors are willing and dedicated to providing expertise, thoughts and time - to advance tourism in West Lothian.

Why you think it is important that we have a promotional destination organisation in West Lothian?

Tourism is a considerable economic driver in West Lothian – this is often underestimated or even neglected. Therefore, a dedicated organisation is required to advance tourism development in West Lothian. Visit West Lothian (VWL) has established itself over the years as the main body to driving tourism by maintaining and enhancing awareness about tourism offers and opportunities in West Lothian. VWL is responsible for directing promotional activities via appropriate communication channels to West Lothian’s target markets. VWL, as a dedicated and recognised tourism organisation will focus on enhancing and further developing tourism to maintain its competitiveness in the future.

Geraldine Hamilton

Geraldine is the owner of award winning self-catering accommodation Crosswoodhill Farm Holiday Cottages, near West Calder.

Geraldine Hamilton

What are the best things about being involved on the Board of VWL?

I find being a part of the Board hugely worthwhile as it means i know what is going on across the sector and it gives me a direct opportunity to contribute.  The meetings take place in different venues across West Lothian so allow you to visit other businesses and hear how they are progressing.  The Board and staff enjoy a very positive working relationship which help us work well and deliver effectively.

Why you think it is important that we have a promotional destination organisation in West Lothian?

Without a promotional organisation like VWL i believe the sector would flounder due to having no clear direction or body to bring them together. VWL helps to provide a coordinated presence for West Lothian and brings businesses together to encourage collaboration.  We are lucky to have an effective dedicated staff resource and have benefitted from the knowledge and skills of numerous students over the years.   


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