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Hopetoun House


Hopetoun House is one of West Lothian's most iconic visitor attractions with a very rich history. The design and build of Hopetoun took place over several years. The house itself was built 1699-1701 and designed by Sir William Bruce, before it was hugely extended by William Adam until his death in 1748 and was one of his most notable projects due to the grandeur the new structure possessed. The interior was completed by William Adam's sons John and Robert, but impressive structure of the house is only the beginning of what the grounds have to offer.

The Hope family acquired the land in the 17th century and the home was built for the first Earl of Hopetoun, Charles Hope. Since then it has remained within the hands of the Hope family and is still to this day the family's residence. The house and grounds have been used recently as a filming location for the incredibly popular TV show Outlander. The building features both for the Duke of Sandringham's residnece and also for the set of an attack scene set in France. The grounds are also heavily used in the filming of Outlander including the spectacular Mid-hope Castle which acts as Lallybroch in the series.

This is one of Scotland's most magnificent stately homes and is certainly worth a visit for both locals and visitors to the West Lothian area. Take a walk around the grounds, visit the deer park or head to the tea room to warm yourself up on a chilly winter's day. Make sure to ask the specially trained guides about the history of the building whilst inside the house and discover even more about West Lothian's history!


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