Scotstory - Colin Williamson

    • Storytelling has been in my family for over a hundred years. My initial learning was passed down from my Grandfather to father and then onto to me.

      You’re probably saying, well anyone can tell or read a story from a book it’s easy. If you have children or grandchildren you’ve probably done this many times. Storytelling is truly an art form in its own right, and to convincingly bring characters to life needs professional training. Working with Voice Coaches, the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh & Toast Masters International, I’ve honed my skills over many years to become an accredited storyteller and public speaker.
      Working throughout Scotland as a guest speaker, storyteller and guide, I also contribute to community radio stations with engaging story packages. Extending the storyteller theme, I have provided narration for several audio books, where my natural deep Scottish accent enhances the ambience & engagement of the piece for the listener.
      As a talker, combined with my love of history & ethnology, the principles of narration and storytelling is to inform and entertain. Not restricting myself to just the microphone, I’ve worked with educators in providing different ways of engaging with students who have personal challenges, such as Dyslexia & Autism by helping them find their inner voice and build their confidence all of which is done on a voluntary basis.
      It may come as no surprise for you to know that I am also dyslexic & suffer from a late diagnosis of high functioning autism and that gives me a special insight and ability to relate to how we see the world differently.


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