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blog 20.11.2020

5 Walks to try in West Lothian

Whilst West Lothian is in Level 4, staying local is important now - but you can still get out for a walk and discover somewhere new on your doorstep. 

Look out for the what3words codes on each route - you can click the code to see exactly where on a map to start the route and receive directions how to get there. More information on how to use what3words is available here.

Uphall & Broxburn Heritage Art Trail

This Heritage Art Trail features a series of unique and informative site-specific artworks. You can choose where to start, dependent on where you'd like to see specifically and how far you'd like to go.

Why not check out our video below of when we took part in the the route.

Start: ///masks.limes.enchanted


Broxburn & Uphall Heritage Art Trail

The wealth of history between Uphall and Broxburn is celebrated by a series of exciting artworks dotted around the two towns. The trail can be walked or cycled. Find the artworks and learn historical facts, discover the industrial history of the local area and enjoy stumbling on urban and natural sites. The trail covers 12 sites, with the first at Uphall Community Centre and the last at Argyle Court, Broxburn. However, you can join the route at any point along it.

Witchcraig Wood

This medium difficulty walk takes you from the Korean War Memorial up through Witchcraig Wood and Beecraigs Country Park before looping back. You'll see some stunning views across the Forth and further Central Scotland too.

Note, some parts of this walk can be steep and slippery so is best attempted in good weather conditions.

Start: ///trimmer.berated.albums

Witchcraig Wood

A pleasant uphill walk with fantastic views which begins at the impressive Korean War Memorial. Distance: 2.5 mls / 4kms

Linlithgow Canal & Loch

This medium difficulty walk starts at the Linlithgow Union Canal Centre, before following the Canal in the direction of Falkirk and then returning to complete a loop of the loch.

After leaving the Canal Centre, and just before the Aqueduct (marking the border with Falkirk) you'll turn right and follow the signage for Linlithgow / River Avon. You'll then follow the River Avon back for a short distance before returning to Linlithgow to complete a loop of the loch. 

Alternatively, you can have a shorter walk by starting at Linlithgow Peel and following the route around the loch. 

The route contains some stunning views of Linlithgow Loch and Palace, as well as the canal and with a short excursion you'll see the Avon Aqueduct.  

Start: ///dislikes.choice.blushes

Linlithgow Loch

This walk takes in some of the best views in West Lothian including Linlithgow Palace. Distance: 8.5 mls / 13.5 kms

Winchburgh Medal Route

These three walks in Winchburgh start at the Health Centre. 

The bronze route takes approx. 15 Minutes, silver 30 Minutes and the gold route taking one hour.  You'll get great views across Central Scotland and the Forth bridges. 

Start: ///situation.mops.incurring

Winchburgh Medal Route

Three different routes through town, canal and farm to accommodate different time restraints. Distance: 3mls / 5 kms

Stoneyburn Medal Route

For those in the West of West Lothian, these routes take in views such as the Five Sisters Bings. The routes are split in three, with a bronze, silver and gold route dependent on length.

The map and route was initially developed as part of a project from the The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, but the content remains applicable to today.

Start: ///envy.sound.sometimes


Stoneyburn Medal Route

Three different routes to accommodate different time restraints, from the towncentre with views of the famous Five Sisters. Distance: max. 3 mls/ 5 kms

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